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Communication Through Translation
Translators and Reviewers
How do we do it?:

We are scientists who do scientific translations

The entire team responsible for translation projects at FiTranslation has a high level of academic training, in all cases a university degree in a scientific discipline (chemistry, medicine, pharmacy, biology, genetics, or other fields). We also require excellent linguistic skills in the target language, always their native language, proven by years of experience in the translation of scientific or medical documentation.

Projects are carefully assigned according to the translator’s specialization (UNE-EN15038:2006 for translation services) and always reviewed by a second translator.

The minimum experience required from the translator and reviser team that will handle your translation projects is 4 years, which, in the translation field, will ensure a high level of linguistic skill and expertise, plus a broad spectrum of knowledge of various kinds of projects.


Clarity, effectiveness and style in communication