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Communication Through Translation
Value-added services: We would love to partner with you

At FiTranslation we do not wish to be merely a linguistic service provider, but genuine collaborators who aim to help even when the service you are seeking is not usually included in our regular services. Whenever we do not have the immediate resources required to offer the service requested by our clients, we will always seek the best solution in the shortest time possible, as we are aware of urgent needs that our clients sometimes encounter. Once we have located the resources, we will assess the inclusion of this new service in our regular offering to streamline our clients’ work.
  • One example is our management of interpretation services, which we handle in conjunction with a prestigious company in the interpretation industry with whom we have worked for many years.

  • Our services also include economic and financial translation and legal translation services, which are often needed by our clients and for which we have additional professional support in these fields.

  • Sworn translations: translations stamped with the official stamp of a sworn translator, making it a valid document for any legal procedure with government and official agencies.
Please feel free to ask us about any linguistic needs and we will be happy to help you.