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Communication Through Translation
DTP and medical transcription:


Translations can be delivered in a variety of formats. In fact, document presentation is an essential part of good communication.

For example, translation between some language pairs can result in substantial differences in text volume. It is important to monitor this aspect when determining the impact that it can have on the final product, particularly in the case of marketing materials and other commercial documents. The solution could be a simple change in the format of the document to present the result perfectly in both the source and target languages.

Other components are also affected when a document is translated into another language, for instance, tables, charts and diagrams. The length of the translated text may be a key factor in the quality of the document. In some languages, it is common to use acronyms and abbreviations whereas others prefer to avoid them. In all cases, it is particularly important to adapt and adjust the format in the translated version.

FiTranslation offers this service for all documentation that may involve these circumstances.

Medical transcription

FiTranslation offers fast, efficient transcription services. We pride ourselves on our quality service and adherence to estimated deadlines. We offer the transcription of audio and video recordings and have specialists who have worked in this area for a number of years, particularly in the medical field, and who master the terminology and are well aware of the importance of this task.

If you require transcription of conferences, medical interviews or other types of health information, please feel free to contact FiTranslation and we will offer you a service in keeping with your needs.