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Communication Through Translation
In-country review:

The concept of local review, or "in-country" review, is the process whereby a translation is reviewed in the target country to ensure the linguistic quality of the content. The reviser may be a translator, reviser, editor, or subject expert. On occasions this work is performed by sales, marketing or technical professionals from the client, as they are familiar with company’s terminology and style. Nevertheless, this is not always possible.

In the biomedical industry, revisers can be physicians, nurses or other healthcare professionals.

FiTranslation offers in-country review services for the languages of the countries you wish to target (linguistic and technical), thus ensuring a flawless product that is perfectly adapted to the target culture.

The team in charge of these projects comprises native translators and/or revisers or subject experts who have extensive experience in the field. An in-country reviewer will be able to avoid inconsistencies in the translation process and ensure the precision of the final product.

The in-country review process must be carefully planned and managed. Therefore, at FiTranslation, we ensure smooth communication between your team and the localization managers/linguist and reviser team. We use our clients’ style guides or prepare our own, following your instructions regarding specific issues and complying with local guidelines for measurements, dates, formats, currencies and other issues.

To plan these projects, we encouarge contact through meetings to discuss the schedule, deadlines, requirements and parameters for close oversight from the time of project startup, all with aim to ensuring their success.
Reviser skills

Translators and revisers who meet the requirements to handle in-country review are:
  • Native speakers for the target language, plus an excellent written command of the language and culture of the target country.
  • Specialists in the subject of the material to be reviewed. On occasions they have worked or are working in the industry and know the subject from a practical point of view.
  • Preferably, translators live in the target country for the information. At the very least, they work in close contact with the culture with the culture or have in-depth understanding of it.
  • Knowledge of translation standards. The reviewers must understand the translation process and the client’s quality control steps.
  • Importance of in-country review

    Although the process is not yet mandatory, in-country review of localized materials is a practice already implemented in highly regulated industries and a recommended stage in many other areas.
  • There is a growing need to include in-country review as a validation process in pharmaceutical publications and journals.
  • Highly regulated industries such as drug manufacturing and export are subject to stringent requirements regarding labels and patient information that must comply with the legislation of the countries where the clinical trials will be conducted or the drugs will be distributed.
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