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Communication Through Translation

Why is it important to translate your website into different languages?

Your company website should accurately reflect the impression you wish to convey. For companies such as yours seeking not only a local presence but also an international outlook, website internationalization is crucial.

To target markets outside the company's own country, it is essential for the website to be in different languages. Internet has become a widely used international search platform, but language continues to be a barrier. To reach certain markets, an effort must be made to translate the website to the languages of the target country.

More than translation

Website localization is the process of adapting an existing website to the language and culture of the target market. The localization process requires superb cultural and linguistic skills.

Effective communication through our website is not only achieved by a perfect translation process, but should be enriched with an in-depth understanding of the various nuances of the target language and country. The public must understand what we want to convey.

The translator in localization

Therefore, the translator should meet the requirements for a professional in the field and have a thorough knowledge of the native language and culture. Each country and each culture have their own repertoire of sayings, proverbs, terms, idioms, and other cultural traits and usages. Sometimes, it is essential to know the legislation or standards applied in different spheres such as the medical or pharmaceutical fields, as they may be essential for the translation of certain content for the target country.

Therefore, the localization process also requires analysis and research on the part of the translator, to be able to communicate with maximum impact and minimal divergence.