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Biomedical translations:

FiTranslation offers specialized translation services to companies in the medical, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, among others. The companies that have turned to us are the key to our success.

Companies, such as yours, within these sectors need translations of very specific documents that require a high degree of familiarity with the subject matter being translated, which may in turn require strong specialization on the part of the professionals responsible for these projects. We guarantee that the translations are performed by linguists with years of experience in scientific translation, often with professional experience in the respective industry and proven scientific expertise.

Scientists who do scientific translations.

We offer a broad range of services that cover all the linguistic needs of companies in the scientific and health fields. We are familiar with the mechanics of a vast number of the documents commonly used in these industries, including standard operating procedures, summaries of product characteristics, training manuals, informed consents, scientific articles, user manuals, clinical trial protocols, and a long list of other kinds of projects (Scientific Specialization - Types of Documents).

Since its inception, FiTranslation has been committed to an ambitious Quality Policy. At FiTranslation, we are well aware of the importance of quality control and the continuous improvement opportunities available when indicators are used to measure process performance, an approach that ultimately leads to greater client satisfaction. In fact, the process map was designed along with the business project, allowing the firm to grow with a strong commitment to quality (UNE-EN15038).

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