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Biomedical industry
Biomedical industry:

The biomedical industry encompasses the knowledge necessary for the development of innovative products to be used for the prevention and treatment of diseases. The industry is composed primarily of four areas that often overlap. The mainstay of the biomedical industry is the pharmaceutical industry. The industry includes large multinationals devoted to the manufacture, preparation and marketing of medicinal chemicals for use in the treatment and prevention of diseases; many of these companies also carry out research and development activities. Biotech companies are a more recent phenonemon and drive much of the current innovation in biomedicine. The medical device industry has fewer business firms, but does combine engineering expertise with biomedical science. Another key player in biomedicine is the field of diagnostics, which has seen similar levels of growth as the pharmaceutical industry and which is being transformed by genomics.

This broad, complex industry is related to major branches of science, including human and veterinary medicine, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, microbiology, pharmacy, botany, microbiology and other fields.

At FiTranslation we are well aware that scientific translations, for instance, medical translations, require a key and essential approach consisting of a thorough understanding of the content, based on an excellent command of the source language and full comprehension of the subject matter being translated.

We select our translators and revisers using strict selection criteria, in order to ensure that the subject matter is fully understood by the individuals responsible for each project. Medical translations are always done by a professional with higher education in the medical field and proven experience in translation.

Understanding the content is the key to our success.


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