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Communication Through Translation
FiTranslation – Translations and Science

Communication quality is key. Now more than ever, it is crucial for communication to be clear, precise and effective. When conveying a message, language style and precision are essential in every field, but are particularly important in the pharmaceutical, biomedical and chemical industries.

Companies increasingly expect excellent results from their communications. Translation and localization have become crucial elements for any organization present on the international scene or that wishes to target foreign markets.

FiTranslation offers specialized professional linguistic services that encompass all activities involved in text translation, revision, localization, transcreation, text adaptation and other related added-value services.
Medical Translation | FiTranslation


Language service provider for the biomedical industry:

Our clients include a number of major companies in the pharmaceutical, medical, chemical and biomedical industries. These clients make us different--we are first-line providers to the health and scientific sectors. We specialize in the area of health sciences and other sciences such as biology and chemistry, industries to which we provide service of utmost rigor and indisputable quality:
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • In vitro diagnostic device manufacturers
  • Biotechnology firms
  • Clinical research organizations (CROs)
  • Biopharmaceutical sector
  • Chemical industry...        
  • Scientific specialization:

    Like you, companies in these fields demand professional translations of very specific documents that require a thorough familiarity with the subject being translated. We regularly undertake translation projects involving scientific and technical documentation of all kinds. The following is a partial list of projects:

    Pharmaceutical and medical specialization:
  • Clinical trials: Clinical trial protocols, appraisals, expert reports, presentations, patient information, informed consents, standard operating procedures (SOP) and others

  • Drug approval applications: reports and information sheets, summaries of product characteristics (SPCs)...        
  • How do we do it?:

    Scientific translators for scientific translations

    The entire team responsible for translation projects at FiTranslation has a high level of academic training, in all cases a university degree in a scientific discipline (chemistry, medicine, pharmacy, biology, genetics, or other fields). We also require excellent linguistic skills in the target language, always their native language, proven by years of experience in the translation of scientific or medical documentation.

    Projects are carefully assigned according to translator's specialization (UNE-EN15038) and always reviewed by a second translator...        


    Clarity, effectiveness and style in communication